Mea Culpa aka “On a Slippery Slope”

So, I know I said I was going to talk about Reactive/Editorial design approaches and Innovation but that’s going to have to wait. A ton of work stuff came up this week (continuing on into the weekend). Let’s just say there’s a lot on the old plate right now!

And on top of that — not that anyone’s really interested in my home/pet life — my lovely wife, Caroline, and I have had to take two of our cats (Floyd, the crotchety old guy, and Bob, our youngest kitten) to the emergency vet clinic. And then our dog, Maggie, went from hyperactively athletic quadruped to pathetic tripod overnight so we had to make a trip to the emergency clinic with her, too! Turns out she has a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Come on — a dog with a torn ACL? What’s she doing? Sneaking out for a little one-on-one with Kobe Bryant? I mean, really…

Anyway, I know I’m on a slippery slope, deviating from the goal of weekly blog posts — the distance between “weekly” and “never” is just a hop skip and a jump — but I’m taking the week off.

I’ll be back atcha next week with more game ramblings — sooner, if I get ambitious. There’s always E3 this week. If I spot anything interesting maybe I’ll post some thoughts from the show.

Thanks for your indulgence. Keep watching this space…


6 Responses to “Mea Culpa aka “On a Slippery Slope””

  1. paganator Says:

    Congrats on getting bought by Disney — it’s not everyday a start-up gets to that point before it has even one product on the market! They must see a lot of potential in you and your work.

  2. michaelsamyn Says:

    Congratulations. Guess all the talk about cartoony characters payed off. 😉

  3. jin23 Says:

    No E3 aanouncement at E3 ?

    I’m getting impatient to know your game projects.

  4. slamelov Says:

    Mr Spector, I have read with interest, some days ago, the Junction Point Mission:
    Now, your studio has been acquired by Disney, and Disney is very well known for their commercial products. Excesively commercial products. I fact, I can’t remember a good Disney videogame.

    Do you think that they will allow Junction Point to follow their “mission”?

    Not sure about it, not sure…

  5. exmachinax Says:

    Yeah, it worries me too…

    Hopefully JPS’s mission will stays unaltered… : /

  6. fogbeast Says:

    Hey Warren,
    Pardon my familiarity, but it seems strange to call you “Mr Spector” and you strike me as the type to not get ruffled over such matters.

    I was researching you today, looking for a transcript of your “Love and Hate” contribution for CGW/GFW. (Thanks, by the way, for having so much to say. You had the longest contribution in there). The need for that has passed, however, amidst my webcrawlings, I found an old interview you did with Wagner James around the time that Deus Ex was new (absolutely fantastic game, by the way. A classic and certainly one of my favorites. Also one of few games I have felt compelled to complete to the very end, and on multiple occasions).

    In the interview you stated that one of the driving goals of Deus Ex was to offer as many possible solutions to a goal as you could. Reading that, I was reminded of something I found a long time ago quite accidentally as I was researching the Thief series.
    It’s a few pages by a gentlemen and some contributors describing some particularly creative, often absurd to the point of hilarious, solutions to various goals in the game. I thought you might be interested. If you haven’t seen it already, it may be worth a peek on some rainy day.

    I hope your kitties end up okay, and Maggie heals up well. I love animals. ❤

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