My how time flies

Well, so much for posting weekly. It’s been almost a month since I managed to update the ol’ blog…

The whole acquisition thing has kept me a little busy. And then there was that side trip to Siggraph where I gave one of the keynotes at the Sandbox event the weekend before Siggraph proper. (Gotta post about Siggraph and Sandbox soon…).

And right now I’m prepping for… let me see…

— A September 4th fund-raising event for the University of Texas Center for American History’s new Videogame Archive. I’ll really have to post about the archive some time soon, but for now you can find more information about the event at Video Game Archive Fundraiser. Click on the About the Archive link at the top of the page for more about the archive itself. It’s a very cool deal…

— A course I’m co-teaching at the University of Texas this fall (Master Class in Video Games and Digital Media).

— And there’s a big presentation coming up at work that I’d love to tell you about but that’d just get us all in hot water!

I haven’t even had time to respond to all the great comments you folks have been leaving to my earlier posts. Gotta get around to that some time, too!

You know, when I decided to do this blog thing, friends and colleagues warned it was going to be tough to stick to a regular schedule. I had no idea just how right they were. It never occurred to me this would so quickly turn into a “meta-blog”–more about the act of blogging than about games or anything else.

I still hope to turn this around before you all abandon me and go back to Raph Koster’s blog and Clint Hocking’s and all the rest of my more reliable compadres!

Thanks for your patience.


2 Responses to “My how time flies”

  1. Bryant Says:

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Sandbox šŸ™‚ Your keynote was certainly the highlight. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. indiearcade Says:

    Yes, but then the flipside is if you’re blogging too much you spend too much time being a self promotional vehicle than a designer which is also something Mr Koster is equally guilty of šŸ˜‰ Blogs aren’t jobs and comments aren’t emails unless you want them to be. Some people just disable blog comments and encourage talkback from others on their own blogs to save time/shoot from the hip responses.

    By the way I’m also in town jonesing for a gameplay programmer job to start near to immediately, I only found out about this via your Disney acquisition announcement very recently and I was barely able to change a lot of my arrangements at the last minute to take a shot at it. I only sent it off on the 19th so HR may or may not have taken a look at it but some kind of quick yay/nay feeling response would be appreciated as I’m only in town for a week so a meeting as early as possible if we go that far would be best. I would still like to give you guys as much time to make a decision as is possible under the circumstances.

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