Master Class Videos

A bunch of people have asked about this, so here ya go: The University of Texas has, apparently, decided to post video of the evening sessions from my Master Class in Video Games and Digital Media. (They didn’t talk to me beforehand and I hope all the appropriate permissions are in place!)

Anyway, you can check out the sessions at the class website.

I have to admit, I haven’t watched the videos myself, but I learned a ton doing the interviews and listening to my guests’ presentations so I hope you’ll find them interesting.

If you want to watch them in order, here’s the scoop:

  1. September 10, 2007: Warren Spector (Intro Lecture)
  2. September 17, 2007: Patricia York (HR Director, Disney Interactive Studios)
  3. September 24, 2007: Harvey Smith (then Creative Director, Midway Austin)
  4. October 1, 2007: Hal Barwood (Game Designer, Screenwriter par excellence)
  5. October 8, 2007: Matthew Bellows (GM, Floodgate Entertainment)
  6. October 15, 2007: Marc LeBlanc (Designer/Programmer, Mind Control Software)
  7. October 22, 2007: Mike Morhaime (President, Blizzard)
  8. October 29, 2007: Tim Willits (Lead Designer, id Software)
  9. November 5, 2007: Seamus Blackley (Talent Agent, Creative Artists Agency – also, “Father of the Xbox”)
  10. November 12, 2007: Paul Weaver (Director of Development, Junction Point Studios)
  11. November 19, 2007: Gordon Walton (Co-Studio Director, Bioware Austin)
  12. November 26, 2007: Richard Garriott (Creative Guy whose title I don’t actually know, NC Soft)
  13. December 3, 2007: Richard Hilleman (Guy With No Title – and proud of it – at Electronic Arts)

Not a bad lineup, if I say so myself — and some of the lesser known folks will surprise you, so don’t just go for the Big Name guys! And I’ll warn you, I can’t remember which week it was, but early in the semester, I gave what has to be one of the worst lectures of my life. Trust me — you’ll know what I’m talking about if/when you stumble across it!

24 Responses to “Master Class Videos”

  1. sorenjohnson Says:

    awesome… thanks, Warren!

  2. tymo Says:

    a-amazing! yoink!

    pretty cool looking deus ex poster i’ve never seen before too. what’s shodan doing in the background though? :p

  3. jszepietowski Says:

    Very glad to see these as free downloads. Was preparing myself to shell out big bucks for the recordings. 🙂

    Will be sure to spread them around; they are well worth watching.

  4. Matt Tarbit Says:

    Thanks so much to all involved in getting them up there, I was hoping they’d appear from somewhere.

    Does it matter at all which order they’re watched in? Seems like yours has some introductory parts to it, and they seem to be in roughly first-name alphabetical order rather than chronological.

  5. wspector Says:

    Sorry I didn’t list the appropriate viewing order in my original post — I just edited the post to address that problem. Thanks for the nudge!

  6. chimney Says:

    Some of those links seem to be wrong, so here’s a list of the actual files on the site:

    Also, Paul Weaver’s interview is cut pretty short, to only 30 minutes. I think that’s a mistake, because he was cut off in the middle of a sentence.

    I didn’t get to go to all the interviews, so I’m glad the videos are up now! Thanks, Warren, for setting up these interviews.

  7. langsuyar Says:

    These are great. Thanks so much for doing the interviews and posting!

  8. wspector Says:

    Well… Just got word from UT that they’ve taken the class videos down! Apparently, there were some i’s not dotted and t’s not crossed. I expect they’ll go back up sometime soon… Sorry! I’ll keep everyone posted when they’re available again.

  9. Justin Keverne Says:

    So Warren, are you ever going to get Doug Church to come to UT?

  10. kharza Says:

    Well I only got to watch two, but I really enjoyed them. Hopefully they will go back up.

  11. thedopefish Says:

    Wow, this sounded too good to be true, and now the links are dead. Typical 🙂

    I’ll be sure to check back to this post daily, in hopes of either they going back up, or someone decides to put up another mirror.

  12. codesurgeon Says:

    A great move by the UT. Now it is hoping for the videos to go back up. Thanks for giving the class in the first place, Warren.

  13. pswtyrant Says:

    I watched most of mine before we lost the link to see how dorky I was (answer: plenty dorky!!), but I’m totally bummed now I didn’t start with one of the others! We need working links Warren and we need them soon! 🙂

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  15. Morgan Ramsay Says:

    Just got word from UT that they’ve taken the class videos down!

    Good thing I already downloaded them! 🙂

  16. thedopefish Says:

    Chimney or Morgan, would either of you be able to put them up for downloading? Would be eternally grateful!

  17. codesurgeon Says:

    I am seconding thedopefish. Could someone please put the videos up somewhere? Does anyone have any info on the reasoning of the University of Texas and if and when they might make the videos available once more?

  18. thedopefish Says:

    I think the reasoning for taking them down, was because they weren’t cleared with the subjects of the interviews, and I guess it might take some time to contact them all and get the proper clearance. Found a torrent for the videos among the comments in the post by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Although, as chimney stated, it seems like the Paul Weaver one is incomplete or cut short ó_Ò

  19. jongoodwin Says:

    Sad to hear the videos were taken down, I caught a few of them before they were removed and they were excellent. Makes me wish i was close enough to take the class 🙂

  20. pswtyrant Says:

    I just got my release form and sent it in. Hopefully the other subjects do the same!

  21. joeludwig Says:

    I’ve made it most of the way through the videos now. Wow, these are great!

    You have managed to make me feel entirely inadequate for only being in the industry for ten years. 🙂

    Are you doing this class again in the fall? Something that would make the interviews even better would be in include more secret masters of console gaming. (like some olde tyme PSX or super nintendo guys)

    Thanks again.

  22. wetgraphique Says:

    hi warren, this link seems to be expired.
    i am really interested in it and please repost it if it is possible.

    thank you.

    marco infussi

    università di roma tor vergata

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