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A Bit of Shameless Spousal Promotion…

March 3, 2008

My lovely wife, Caroline, is a terrific fiction writer. Yeah, yeah, I know — I’m prejudiced. But that doesn’t alter the facts in any way. She’s a terrific word-slinger, especially when it comes to character and dialogue and, man, can she bring a location to life…

Anyway, back in the day, she wrote a bunch of novel/hintbook hybrid things, about some of the Ultima and Might & Magic computer games. (Basically, if you do everything the main character does in the story, you win the game — nifty idea, I thought, and I’m not sure why there aren’t more novel/hintbooks like that.)

She’s also responsible for some of the oddest but most appealing stories in FASA’s Earthdawn and Shadowrun game universes. (I say “odd” because Scars and her other FASA fiction books are more character-driven than plot-driven, which flies in the face of the game novel norm.)

Now, she has a story in the latest book in the Wildcards series, edited by George R.R. Martin and I kinda want to tell the world about it. Not having access to The World, the readers of this blog will have to do!

The Wildcards stuff is pretty awesome, not least because George is such a good editor and has such a strong sense of how the Wildcards universe works. The series is well worth checking out — especially Inside Straight and especially now that Caroline’s involved, of course!  😉

Seriously, Tiffani and The Amazing Bubbles, Caroline’s characters, rock pretty hard. And the stories and characters created by the rest of the Wildcards crew ain’t too shabby, either.

To learn more, check out the official Inside Straight website. Caroline’s website is worth a look-see, too.